Prepare to witness the magic as Young Jonn takes center stage at the Palms, Lagos, on the 17th of December 2023. This headline concert is the ultimate prelude to his forthcoming album and you’re invited to be a part of the excitement!

Imagine a night filled with pulsating beats, soulful melodies and many more surprises that’ll blow your mind. This is not just a concert, it’s an immersive experience curated by Young Jonn. This concert promises to be a musical extravaganza that allows you to vibe to Young Jonn’s signature style.

Grab your tickets online and get a chance to be part of history, surrounded by fellow fans, and soak in the energy of Young Jonn’s live performance.

Join us for a night that promises to redefine your musical expectations and set the stage for Young Jonn’s groundbreaking debut album in January. It’s more than just a concert; it’s an unforgettable experience through the heart of contemporary African music.

Stay tuned, as Young Jonn prepares to take you on a musical journey that’s sure to leave fans excited and hungry for more!


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