The Armageddon Soldiers are set to thrill Jos city with a Reunion Concert this December.

In the vibrant city of Jos, Plateau state, a group of young, talented individuals were brought together by the dynamic duo of Roy Matthew and Atomen Edom. These young people were not your average group – they were bursting with diverse talents and were unapologetically passionate about glorifying God through their gifts.

Their unique style and unconventional approach to their art made them misunderstood by the traditional church community. Undeterred, they took matters into their own hands and with the support of a few like-minded individuals, they organized street shows, massive concerts, and embarked on a journey to spread the message of Christ to young hearts all over the city.

They were called crazy, they were called wired, but nothing could extinguish the burning passion that fueled their every move. As they continued to grow and evolve, they ventured into various fields of life, excelling as engineers, lawyers, bankers, doctors, pastors, accountants, dancers, music producers, architects, and so much more.

Now, after years of honing their craft and making their mark in the world, these extraordinary individuals are making a comeback with the show of the year. You’ve never seen anything like it before – it’s a spectacle that defies expectations and pushes boundaries. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This Reunion Concert to hold in a Grand style on the 31ST December, 2023 at the prestigious Crest hotel Jos, Plateau State.


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