Wike was accused by a former minister of sport of demolishing and persecuting Abuja residents for not supporting the APC.

Barr. Solomon Selcap Dalung, a former minister for sports and youth development, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu of using Nyesom Wike to launch a campaign to displace natives of Abuja who were hiding behind the master plan in order to witch hunt poor and vulnerable residents for not supporting them.

According to him, the All Progressives Congress, APC’s, vulnerable Abuja residents are being witch hunted and impoverished people’s homes are being demolished as part of the current effort by the Federal Capital Territory’s Minister, Nyesom Wike.

In his Independence Day speech to Nigerians in Plateau State on October 1, Solomon Dalung disclosed information.

He stated, “I don’t see anything significant on the ground to convince me that the President and his cabinet understand the seriousness of the problems posed by the country’s current state of insecurity.More plains have been damaged, and Wike is currently busy destroying the inhabitants of Abuja’s ancestral dwellings in the name of clearing them out of the master plan.

What kind of hypocritical behaviour is that? If the villa is not included in the master plan, why has Wike not sent an armoured tank to destroy it? If the military barracks are not included in the master plan, why hasn’t he destroyed the estates that are strewn around Abuja which are not part of the plan ?”,he said.

Dalung claims that the estate he currently resides in is not included in the master plan, which raises the question of why the government can’t be serious and refrain from mobilising to witch hunt poor people’s homes in Abuja that didn’t support the APC. Instead, Dalung believes that the villa should be torn down because it is not included in the master plan.

He emphasised that the presidential villa should be demolished because only then would we be able to tell if the government is sincere and taking its duties seriously.

Dalung claimed that someone is living off of his pension as a former governor with a fleet of opulent vehicles, numerous benefits, and their children studying abroad and families staying behind are departing for foreign countries while the average Nigerian is coming with heavy machinery to demolish their homes as illegal structures.

He bemoaned the fact that the poor, food-insecure Nigerians were now frantically searching the bush for a roof during the rainy season in order to survive while the master plan was being cleaned up.

Solomon warned Nigerians that their kind of wicket leaders are incapable of taking care of their families or the women and children who are suffering as a result of the dire circumstances.

He emphasised that although you want us to believe it, criminals are still residing in houses without a master plan and driving SUVs to harass ordinary Nigerians. As a result, the country is in a dismal, frustrated state, and for the past three months, it has caused enormous anguish to Nigerians.

Solomon Dalung urged President Tinubu to take a cue from the late Tanzanian President John Magafulu, who after inheriting a dire economic situation decided to postpone all travel and conferences abroad and stay in office. In just five years, Magafulu was able to build roads, railroads, schools, and pay off both internal and external debts. In contrast, our president Tinubu is still pleading with Nigerians.

He appealed that instead the sacrifice should begin with the president Tinubu because when Buhari recognized that the country is recession he appointed 36 ministers but now Tinubu has dished out 48 ministers with members of his country side and calling for sacrifice for what ?.

Dalung added that President Tinubu has no business travelling all over the world but his business is to sit and deal with this ugly situation as he failed to understand that Nigerian are dying just like a national broadcast sympathy .

However, the body language of Mr President clearly demonstrate mockery on Nigerian with the current economy hardship experience .


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