Home News Plateau Deputy Gov. Reiterates Govt. Commitment Towards Creating Opportunities For Women and Girls to Thrive

Plateau Deputy Gov. Reiterates Govt. Commitment Towards Creating Opportunities For Women and Girls to Thrive

Plateau Deputy Gov. Reiterates Govt. Commitment Towards Creating Opportunities For Women and Girls to Thrive

Plateau State Deputy Governor, Mrs Josephine Piyo, has said that their administration is passionate about creating conditions that would unlock the talents, skills and potential of women and girls in the state so that they can live out their dreams and be productive members of society.

Piyo who was represented by Mrs Olivia Dazyem, Special Adviser on Gender and Chairperson Implementation Committee of Gender & Equal Opportunities Commission, said this at the opening ceremony of the National Training Camp for the Nigeria Girl Guides Association, in Jos on Thursday.

She said the national camp with the theme “Learn and Lead” was apt as adolescent girls are the face of courage, strength and resilience, powerful change-makers driving progress in their families, schools and communities.

The Deputy Governor stated that equipped with the right resources and opportunities, the world’s 600 million adolescent girls can become the largest generation of female leaders the world has ever seen.

“Employment in the 21st century workforce is projected to focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and social entrepreneurship.

“At the same time, as scientific and technological solutions rapidly scale and shape today’s economies and societies, girls and women are falling behind in the digital gender divide with large gaps in digital adoption, access, ability and opportunities to equally benefit from technology and the workforce compared to boys and men.

“Additionally, in many contexts, adolescent girls have no say in decisions that affect them resulting in programmes that do not respond to their specific needs, hindering them from reaching their full potential.

“The lag begins with education and is fueled by gender stereotypes and traditional expectations of what girls’ and women’s roles are.

She said the administration’s commitment can be seen in the governor’s sensitivity towards women and by picking his deputy as a woman and appointment of several other young women and youths in his cabinet.

She added that apart from Plateau State having the Gender and Equal Opportunities Law in place, they have also appointed a Special Adviser on Gender and Chairperson for the Implementation Committee of the Gender and Equal Opportunities Commission.

She harped that the when the Equal Opportunities Commission comes up, women and girls are in for better protection in the state.

“We believe that with a chance to develop their innate skills and end the discrimination and inequality that stands in their way, there is no limit to what girls can achieve, girls are leaders and world shapers, investing in their success creates a ripple effect that benefits them along with their families, their communities and entire societies,…when girls succeed, the nation succeeds.

She urged the girls to take advantage of every legitimate available opportunities to learn so that they can lead.

According to her, without any skill, they may not find the opportunity to participate in development.

Martha Azi Nyam
Chief Press Secretary to the
Deputy Governor of Plateau


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