All Progressives Congress (APC) member Chief John Dafaan received his certificate of return from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) today. This event comes after the Court of Appeal’s historic decision on October 21, 2023, recognising Chief John Dafaan as the legitimate representative for the Federal Constituency of Quaan-pan, Shendam, and Mikang.

In addition to confirming Chief John Dafaan’s victory, the Court’s ruling directed INEC to cancel Isaac Kwallu’s certificate of return and give it to Chief Dafaan of the APC instead.

Chief John Dafaan thanked the legal system in his address and emphasised that justice had been done. Additionally, he gave the Plateau state APC and his followers the assurance that better things were on the horizon. He urged everyone to persevere, highlighting his dedication to diversity and including all relevant parties in his representation.

The political climate in Plateau State is about to change as a result of these recent legal events, which will also bring up other matters that are still waiting before the election court. It’s crucial to remember that the Appeal Court in Abuja just rendered a historic decision in a separate case that demanded a new election for the Senate seat in Plateau North. The election of Simon Mwadkwon, the House Minority Leader and PDP representative, was declared void by this verdict. The political dynamics of the area will undoubtedly be affected by these events in the long run.

Keep checking back for more details as they become available.


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