The Monument Train Café is one of the most accommodating places to visit in Plateau State. This train has been converted into an exclusive café for relaxation.

The café offers assorted food, shawarma, snacks, tasty meats, small chops, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), red wines, vodkas, ice creams, etc.

Furthermore, the Monument Train Café also provides a private working space, event space, outdoor area for hangouts, and a garden for family picnics.

This train was built by the Birmingham Railway Company in 1920, making it an antique. It was originally used for transporting goods from the Bauchi Plateaus when tin was first discovered in the province. The rail line is called Bauchi light rail.

The first-class carriage was used to transport the Britons who supervised the mines and transportation of goods. The second-class cabins housed the high-ranking Nigerian civil servants, while the third class was for the workers and security personnel.

The Bauchi light rail was the first rail line built in Jos, connecting it to the far north before the creation of standard gauge lines like the one in Jos North Terminus around the old University Teaching Hospital (JUTH).

The Monument Train was used by the late Queen Elizabeth of England in 1952 when she first visited Nigeria.


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