The Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State has graduated no fewer than 707 Cadets.

The cadets that were commissioned into the military were from the Direct Short Service Courses 27 (Army) and 31 (Air Force) and the 70 Regular Course.

President Bola Tinubu urged the military to be more vigilant and devoted to defending the nation while speaking during the Passing Out Parade on Saturday.

Vice President Kashim Shettima spoke on behalf of Mr. Tinubu, who stated that his administration was dedicated to addressing all security concerns and would support the military in doing so.

He urged everyone in Nigeria, including the military, to remain vigilant since efforts to stabilise and fortify the nation would be futile without it.

Tinubu said that the new military officers “will find find themselves in a dynamic landscape which is marked by combat and regimental realities vastly different from those encountered by their predecessors.

“The future of our great country doesn’t only rest upon your valour, but also the curricula with which the warriors and scholars are formed.”

The president gave his word that the government will put programmes and policies in place to give the people the tools they need to fight poverty, crime, and terrorism.

The administration is preparing for the food security problem brought on by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as well as for banditry attacks on farms, natural calamities like floods, and the fallout from military coups, Mr. Tinubu noted.

“This administration has continued to be cautious in coming up with ways to lessen their effects and strengthen national security.

We are starting a new phase in our national military and security strategy at this crucial time.

“It will be driven by a resolute commitment to confront the substantial threats and challenges that confront us within the West African subregion,” Mr. Tinubu continued.


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