1. Youth Development:

Engr. Meshach has over the years dedicated his time, resources and influence to develop youths across Plateau State with many receiving education support/ grants to prospective students and students across various levels of education. He has also been supportive of enterprising youths to stand on their feet in small businesses. Additionally, Engr. Mesh has supported youths in agriculture to boost food production and self sufficiency among them.

  1. Sports Development

In his effort to promote sports development and support young people, Engr. Mesh floated and is sponsoring Maichibi United FC. The football team is his darling team that he is so passionate about. Due to his dedication and vision to develop the teaming youths in Plateau State in General and Pankshin in particular, he floated this team which became the first team outside Jos, the Plateau State capital to play in the NFL Division 1 . Currently, the team has 35 players with a 10- man coaching crew.

  1. Enterpreneur/ Employer of Labor.

Despite being a core professional in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and internationally, Engr. Mesh ventured into the hospitality industry by investing in the hotel business. This has made him an employer of labor and cumulatively, he is taking care of hundreds of Nigerians who are his employees and their dependents. Currently, Engr. Maichibi sits as the Chief Executive Officer/ Chairman of MNS Resort Pankshin, Jos, Abuja. His business acumen and entrepreneurial skills has made him the “Father of many” who are on his payroll.

  1. Oil and Gas Professional.

Engr. Meshach Congo Maichibi is a “General ” in the oil and gas sector having invested and dedicated above 30 years of his life in the industry. Rising through the ranks to his current position as a Senior Management Executive (Asset Manager, West ) in a multinational Oil and Gas company in Nigeria, he has earned the live, admiration and respect of his colleagues and juniors. Interestingly, he has assisted over uncountable number of young and qualified Plateau citizens to gain employment, making them proud breadwinners in their families and satisfied/ gainfully employed persons.

  1. The Philanthropist

After several years of quietly but consistently supporting widows from his personal resources, Engr. Mesh decided to finance and launch a foundation that will formally cater for the welfare and wellbeing of widows. Through the Chief Mikailu Maichibi Foundation, he has a dedicated platform that provides for widows in Plateau State and Environs. Multitude of widows and orphans benefit from his benevolence and magnanimity.

  1. Promotion of Skills Acquisition

Engr. Mesh, being a skilled person in his right, decided to extend his benevolence to sponsor skills Acquisition for women and youth in Plateau and Environs to aid in their economic wellbeing. As at the last count, over 209 women and youths have been trained in various skills to include farming, fashion design, hairdressing, photography, ICT, sewing and knitting etc. Today, all beneficiaries are self sufficient.

  1. Faith and Religion

As a religious man, Engr. Meshach does not shy away from participating in religious activities. He has without thinking twice, supported and given his time and resources to support faith based organizations in promoting and successfully held events like evangelism and other spiritually uplifting programs. He also support the building projects of different faith-based organizations.


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