Following his return to the music scene with the song, Vawulence, the Afro-dancehall artist, Yaadman (fka Yung L) wastes no time in unveiling his much-awaited EP, aptly titled Yes Indeed.

In a striking evolution from Yung L to Yaadman, the captivating 6-track EP stands as a resolute testament to his consistent rise, firmly establishing him as a star. Undaunted in his quest for artistic autonomy, Yaadman’s brilliance shines forth unapologetically, magnetically drawing attention and holding it in rapt fascination.

Yes Indeed serves as an intricately woven tapestry that showcases Yaadman’s profound exploration of love, triumph, and resilience. With fearless authenticity, he bares his soul by candidly sharing unfiltered life experiences. Each track within this EP acts as a meticulously crafted window into his innermost thoughts and emotions, resulting in a musical collection that resonates deeply with audiences. Fearlessly navigating the highs and lows of his personal journey, he presents a vivid portrait of an artist who embraces his identity, gracefully maneuvering through the complexities of fame while remaining rooted in his origins.

In a rapidly evolving world dominated by fleeting trends, Yaadman stands tall as an authentic and creative force that captivates music listeners. Through Yes Indeed, he extends a sincere invitation to his fans, beckoning them into a realm of genuine emotions and innovative artistry that emanates from the depths of his being. With a commanding presence in the music scene, this emerging artist consistently offers a seamless fusion of genres, deftly combining elements of rock, afrobeat, and dancehall.

His earlier EP, Juice and Zimm, released in January 2020, served as a testament to his artistic prowess. Each track within that collection resonated as a heartfelt confession cloaked in infectious beats, capable of igniting any atmosphere with an electrifying vibe. A notable highlight was the exuberant Eve Bounce, which later received a remix featuring the illustrious Wizkid, further elevating its allure.

Yaadman’s standing within the realm of Afro-fusion is essential. What sets him apart from his contemporaries is his innate ability to seamlessly transition between the core elements of Afropop and the broader influences of reggae. As an integral part of the new generation reshaping the sonic landscape of West African music, his exceptional versatility and undeniable talent have secured him a cherished and revered position within the genre’s illustrious panorama.



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