The mother of a girl who was abducted in Zaria and demanded a ransom for her release has apprehended the culprit.

According to a source, Aminu Ibrahim, 35, was suspected of kidnapping a young woman, Fatima Adamu, 23, and killing and burying her.

Mallama Nana Fatima, the mother of the kidnapped young woman, could not explain further owing to her anguish over the situation while addressing at her residence.

Hajara Adamu, the victim’s younger sister, claimed that Fatima had travelled to Kaduna with the intention of spending four days, and that repeated phone calls to her went unanswered when she did not return at the appointed time.

Hajara stated that a guy later picked up her phone and informed the family that Fatima had been taken by him and demanded N100,000 as ransom, emphasising that the sum was obtained by the family and provided to the suspect at an agreed-upon location in Wusasa, Zaria.

The culprit, who had promised to release the victim that day, did not, but three days later called back and demanded more N100,000.

After selling her parcel of land, the mother and sister transported the money to the designated meeting spot in Wusasa, where she saw and recognised the suspect after getting off a commercial motorbike known as Okada.

According to Fatima, she immediately sounded an alert, attracting people to the scene who assisted in the arrest of the culprit and handing him over to the Dan Magaji Division Police Station for questioning.

The suspect confessed to the crime and led police to his home in Limancin Iya, Zaria, where he was accused of burying the abducted young woman, claiming that the victim died in their custody and was buried in his home.

ASP Mansir Hassan, spokesman for the Kaduna State Police Command, confirmed the suspect’s detention and stated that the investigation was underway.


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