The All Progressives Congress Plateau State Chapter has urged its members to uphold the law, remain calm, and peaceful despite today’s judgement by the Gubetribunal Tribunal that our party and its charming candidate, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe, were wronged.

Even if the Tribunal’s decision did not go in our favour, as real democratic citizens, we continue to trust and believe in the judiciary.

We encourage all of our members and supporters to never give up because this is only the first leg of a three-leg journey.

The APC in the state has never had any illusions about how simple the process of reclaiming its mandate at the Gubernatorial Tribunal will be.

We anticipated it would be a slow and painstaking process.

We are, through our extremely capable team of lawyers, exactly as they have already indicated, going to test the strength and validity of today’s ruling before the Appeal Tribunal which we feel we shall emerge triumphant given the severity of the flaws contained therein.

under a number of cases, the Supreme Court and Appeal Tribunals have overturned decisions made by the Court of First Instance, or the Tribunal, under our legal system.

The Tribunal’s decision from today is therefore a brief setback, but we are certain that we will overcome it to continue giving the Plateau people the kind of excellent governance that is completely absent under the current PDP-led administration that is based on the rule of law, fairness, and justice.

We wish to congratulate our members and supporters for their patience and the maturity they demonstrated during the duration of the Tribunal’s sitting, even as we urge them to remain calm and ever hopeful.

We want to firmly declare to the PDP in the state that this is only a brief reprieve and not yet uhuru for the party.

We commend our gubernatorial candidate Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe and his deputy, Hon. Pam Bot Mang, for their endurance, poise, and behaviour. We firmly believe that they will be the ones left laughing at the end of the election’s legal procedures.


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