Nentawe Yilwatda, an APC candidate for governor in the March 18 election, has urged restraint among party supporters.

Nentawe asked his party’s supporters not to become disappointed and demoralised by the tribunal’s decision in a statement released by his spokesperson Shittu Bamaiyi.

He claims that the ruling should not be interpreted as indicating that the APC does not have a case against the way the governorship race was conducted.

Nentawe commented that there are further legal options for him and the party to investigate in order to gauge the strength of the tribunal’s ruling.

He congratulated the APC supporters for their steadfast support, especially those who had been there throughout the entire proceedings.

Nentawe urged them to maintain their fortitude, resolve, and optimism because there is still hope at the end of the dark tunnel.

He congratulated both his legal team for giving the matter their best effort and all the witnesses who testified in front of the tribunal to support the petition.


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