Teni, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, has returned to the music world with her latest hit, Malaika. The tune, produced by the talented Oluwademilade Ayobamidele T.A Alabi, serves as a tantalizing sample of her upcoming sophomore album, Tears of the Sun.

Malaika is one of the main tracks from the upcoming Tears of The Sun, heightening fans’ anticipation for the album’s release. Teni, a well-known musician with a particular flair, starts on an introspective trip in Malaika. The song contains a touching message of thanks to a higher power, praising God for being a continual source of strength and support in her life, and provides an insight into her inner musings, particularly during her darkest periods.

Teni’s capacity to connect with her audience on a deep and personal level is demonstrated by her thoughtful and expressive approach to Malaika. Listeners may relate with her experiences and emotions because to her real narration and compelling voice. It’s a reminder of the emotional depth Teni gives to her songs, which has helped her become a well-known musician in Nigeria.

Tears of The Sun, the forthcoming album to which Malaika belongs, will hold a significant milestone in Teni’s career. Scheduled for release on the 19th of November, the album promises a diverse and compelling musical experience that showcases the artist’s growth and evolution since her debut. With Malaika setting the tone for what’s to come, it’s evident that Teni is ready to take her fans a journey filled with heart, soul, and a blend of sounds that reflect the rich tapestry of her artistry.

Listen to Malaika


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