In a strategic move to safeguard, promote, and preserve the flourishing entertainment sector in Plateau State, the Plateau State Chapter of the Performing Musician Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) has joined forces with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Hospitality. Together, they have launched a significant revenue generation initiative aimed at ensuring the orderly and successful execution of events within the state.

As per the official announcement, all event venues are now required to obtain clearance from event organizers, managers, and promoters before allowing the use of their premises. Non-compliance with this directive may result in event disruptions by PMAN Plateau State Chapter and the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality.

Amb. Comr. Humphrey (Color), the Plateau State Governor of PMAN, has expressed his enthusiasm for this much-needed collaboration, highlighting its potential to drive the growth of the entertainment sector in the state. With the support of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), this partnership is set to offer valuable assistance to both emerging and established talents in Plateau State.

PMAN Plateau State Governor, Amb. Comr. Humphrey (Color), also emphasized the importance of working closely with event organizers to meticulously assess and ensure that events meet the required standards. This collaboration’s primary goal is to prevent any negative impact on the entertainment industry’s reputation in Plateau State.

Event organizers seeking clearance can obtain the necessary documentation by visiting the PMAN Secretariat located at Luka Bentu Indoor Theater, opposite Plateau Riders, along Tafawa Belewa Street in Jos. For further information and inquiries, interested parties can also contact PMAN at the following phone numbers: 08037318256 and 07035638959.

This proactive initiative is expected to cultivate a thriving entertainment sector in Plateau State, creating a conducive environment for artists, performers, and event organizers while ensuring high-quality entertainment experiences for the state’s residents.


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