According to Jonah David Jang, a former governor of Plateau State, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is the party without a structure in the Plateau, not the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Jang explained that this was because the APC never held an election to choose its state executive committee, and the party’s nominee for governor in the 2023 election was chosen entirely by hand by the state branch of the party.

Speaking on Tuesday in Jos against the backdrop of the Appeal Court’s ruling, which resulted in the removal of the party’s elected members from both the National and State Assembly, the former governor referred to the rulings as miscarriages of justice.

According to Jang, the former governor Simon Lalong ought to face consequences for depriving the APC of a hierarchy when he forced the current party chairman upon the party in the State.

The former governor said that even though the Court had its say, God is the ultimate arbiter while extending a heartfelt “thank you visit” to Musa Dachung Bagos, the recently elected House of Representatives member for the Jos East/Jos South federal constituency, for his fatherly support of his goals.

Bagos was one of the PDP members whose elections ruled void by the Appeal Court since the party had no organisational structure in the state when they were nominated to run for various seats.

He said, “Who said we don’t have structure. In fact, it’s the APC that does not have structure because the APC chairman did not buy any form. He was handpicked by Lalong. Even their candidate was not validly nominated. And that’s why the members walked out during their congress because there was no congress at all but they were imposed on their members.”

The former governor further denied that the party’s issues stemmed from his intractable disagreements with Gen. Jeremiah Useni’s PDP side, arguing that there was initially nothing to settle because the PDP lacked a faction.

He accused some members of PDP as being moles for APC

Jang said, “What do you call irreconcilable differences. There was nothing to reconcile because PDP is one. Let me tell you, some of those elders talking about structure had one leg in PDP and the other in APC. They were moles in PDP.

Jang said the PDP had since obeyed the court order by organising the second congress, adding, “It was there all over that we obeyed the court by conducting the second election. Even Bitrus Kaze congratulated Chris Hassan, the eventual winner


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