Following the unfortunate deaths of 30 people in Mangu Local Government Area on Wednesday, the Plateau State Government has asked for a comprehensive investigation into the incident, with a focus on addressing allegations of bias against military personnel.

Hon. Musa Ashoms, the State Commissioner for Information, made the plea in an interview, emphasising the importance of a transparent and unbiased investigation to determine the truth behind the killings.

He emphasised the importance of community peace and unity, encouraging locals not to exacerbate tensions or resort to violence.

The development came after Rev Timothy Daluk, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the Mangu LGA, and Lawrence Kyarshik, Director of Public Affairs at the Mwaghavul Development Association, claimed that the military aided the attackers who set fire to several houses and destroyed property during the violence.

The Christian group and the MDA questioned the troops’ failure to stop the deaths and asked that the military leave from the crisis region.

Speaking on the allegation levelled against the troops, the commissioner stated, “I did not personally go to Mangu but we want the security agents to look into such allegations and make sure that people don’t feel cheated or feel they have taken sides already. The idea behind them going to Mangu is to stop the insurrection and carnage. We cannot have our communities going through these things over and over again.”

While the facts underlying the executions are unknown, the government’s immediate demand for an investigation reflects its commitment to addressing public concerns and securing accountability.

The plea for peace is equally important, as the horrific tragedy has undoubtedly aroused anger and frustration in the community. Commissioner Ashoms’ plea emphasises the importance of discussion and understanding in preventing further escalation of violence and preserving the fragile calm in the region.


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