The Plateau State Chapter of the Performing Musicians Association and Employers of Nigeria (PMAN) has taken a firm stance against the recent Plateau Got Talent event, expressing deep disappointment and raising concerns about the competition’s legitimacy and its representation of Plateau State’s vibrant music culture.

The issue surrounding Plateau Got Talent revolves around its recent winner, whose abilities have been called into question, calling the competition’s capacity to find and develop genuine talent within the state into question.

Plateau PMAN has put a ban on the Plateau Got Talent organisers, COA Media, barring them from staging similar events unless a comprehensive examination and improvement to match acceptable criteria has been done and certified by PMAN.

Comrade Colour Humphery Iroegbu, Governor of the Performing Musicians Association and Employers of Nigeria (PMAN), announced this in a press statement issued in Jos on October 25th and made available to journalists.

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The Plateau State Chapter of the Performing Musicians Association and Employers of Nigeria (PMAN) under the leadership of State PMAN Governor, Comrade Color Humphery Iroegbu, wishes to express our deep disappointment and profound concern regarding the recent controversial event, Plateau Got Talent.

Plateau Got Talent’s questionable winner has become a symbol of this disappointment, raising doubts about the talents that abound in the state and legitimacy of the competition and its capacity to promote and nurture true talent.

*In light of these developments, Plateau PMAN hereby bans the Organizers (COA Media) of Plateau Got Talent from holding such events pending proper scrutiny and upgrade to meet accepted standards for such events, and with the approval of PMAN.*

Plateau State is a place rich in musical history and talent, having served as the nurturing ground for some of Nigeria’s most celebrated and globally recognized musical icons, including 2baba, Mi Abaga, Ruby Gyang, Ice Prince, and many others. The state has always been renowned for its vibrant and diverse musical culture.

Unfortunately, Plateau Got Talent has fallen far short of representing the true essence of the remarkable talent that thrives within our great state. It is with a heavy heart that we, as representatives of the Plateau State music community, are compelled to denounce the recent proceedings of this talent show.

We believe that talent competitions should serve as platforms for the genuine discovery, nurturing, and promotion of our homegrown talents, giving them the recognition and opportunities they truly deserve. However, the recent events surrounding Plateau Got Talent have left us with a sense of disappointment and frustration.

This disappointment is not only on behalf of the talented artists of Plateau state but also on behalf of the broader Plateau community. The event organizers have, regrettably, missed the mark by not upholding the high standard of artistic excellence for which our state is known. Instead, they have seemingly prioritized sensationalism and profit over the genuine advancement of our local talent.

The Plateau State PMAN Chapter was taken by surprise as we had no prior notice of such an event. We have been diligently working in collaboration with the State government to create an enabling environment for entertainment on the Plateau. The union’s commitment remains unwavering, and we will not rest until such selfish and unprofessional event organizers are effectively scrutinized and removed from the Plateau’s entertainment landscape. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of talent promotion and representation in the state.

Comrade Color Humphery Iroegbu, the State PMAN Governor, strongly asserts that Plateau Got Talent must realign its values and reflect upon its responsibility to the Plateau State artistic community and to uphold the integrity of talent competitions in our region, just as it has in the past with the rise of music legends. The Plateau PMAN is readily available to lend our thoughts, insights and support when called upon. Our state’s rich musical history deserves nothing less than an event that nurtures and elevates the next generation of musical stars, and we hope to see the organizers and others commit to this objective moving forward.

We believe that by collectively working towards the promotion of true Plateau talent, we can create a vibrant, inspiring, and sustainable musical environment for our artists and the broader community.


Comrade Color Humphery Iroegbu
Governor, Performing Musicians Association and Employers of Nigeria (PMAN)
Plateau State Chapter


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