The recent crisis in Mangu and its surroundings forced internally displaced persons (IDPs) to flee their homes, and they have bemoaned the lack of food and other necessities in the area.

At the Mangu Central Mosque, where they are temporarily encamped after the ethno-religious upheaval that left many dead in the area, the IDPs expressed their concerns on Sunday.

They claimed to be in desperate need of help.

Maimuna Lawan, an IDP, while narrating the situation said, “We have lost a lot during the crisis. We are in dire need of help from all and sundry. We don’t have a place to go because our houses were burnt. Our children need a place to live in. We are begging for assistance.

Maryam Umar, also an IDP, said, “Government has not brought anything to us. We have been moving from one house to another just to get what we will eat with our children. We are calling on well-meaning Nigerians to assist us.”

The Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) Aid Group, Led by Danjuma Khalid, director of volunteers, acknowledged that the victims received little assistance from them while providing some relief supplies to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and urged altruistic people to help them.


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