Prof. Bernard Matur, vice chancellor of Plateau State University Bokkos, has reiterated the university’s steadfast dedication to aiding the National Universities Commission (NUC) in advancing tertiary education throughout Nigeria.

Prof. Matur enthusiastically welcomed the NUC accreditation team and emphasised his faith in the critical role that the NUC’s certification procedures play in raising the quality of education in the nation during a friendly meeting held at the University on Monday.

Prof. Matur conveyed, “We pledge our full cooperation, extending from the records section, the academic division, the financial department, the works and physical facilities, and any other area where information may be required. We are at your service, as we understand the significance of this visit. It is not meant to bring us down but to assist us in reaching new heights.”

The leader of the NUC accreditation team, Prof. Obosco Bankole Nwakwo, clarified the primary purpose of the accreditation process, emphasizing its focus on upholding the educational standards set by the NUC since 2015. He stated, “Accreditation is fundamentally about quality, ensuring that universities adhere to the standards we have established since 2015.”

As seen by its active participation in the NUC’s accreditation activities, Plateau State University Bokkos continues to be persistent in its commitment to upholding and developing educational excellence in Nigeria.


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