The All Progressives Congress (APC) has dismissed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State’s assertion that it has fully complied with a court order to organise a new state Congress as self-conciliatory. The APC maintains that the PDP lacks a state structure.

The APC condemned the PDP’s claim to be the most structured political party as a traditional self-consolatory outburst that deviates from the actual situation on the ground in a statement signed by its press secretary, Mr Sylvanus Namang.

The party emphasised that an interview provided by former Plateau State Governor and PDP Board of Trustees member Sir Fidelis Tapgun not only disclosed the truth but also revealed the scale of the corruption.

“In his characteristic bluntness, the elder statesman, a man of great honour and well-respected in the state and nationally, admitted in the interviews that the PDP does not have any valid structure, having failed to comply with the court order. In his summation, he said, ‘The PDP has lost its soul; locusts have eaten up everything.’ What further evidence do we need to contradict the statement by the PDP BOT Member, who is the conscience of the party?” the APC questioned.


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