As we close the chapter on this remarkable year, I’m exhilarated to share with you my latest musical endeavor, “Under the Moon.” This track holds a special place in my heart as it represents the culmination of a year filled with growth, clarity, and unwavering consistency.

After a brief hiatus, I rekindled my musical journey, crafting a sound I proudly call “concoction music” – a beautiful fusion of indigenous sounds. The journey began with “Saurayi,” featuring the incredible B.O.C Madaki, a true luminary in northern rap.

As we embrace the final month of the year, “Under the Moon” stands as my musical ode to gratitude. I’m deeply thankful for your unwavering support, my listeners who inspire me, the talented producers who bring my vision to life, and the invaluable guidance of my A&R, Concept Man.

“Under the Moon” features the lyrical mastery of B.O.C Madaki, the crowned king from the north, and the exceptional vocals and production skills of Concept Man. This song, inspired by spontaneity and influenced by the phrase “Na ce mata” from the amazing Khalid Jones of FCM, is a testament to the collaborative magic that happens when creative minds unite.

I invite you to join me on this musical journey. “Under the Moon” is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen, immerse yourself in the unique blend of sounds, and let the rhythms resonate with your soul.

Thank you for being part of the tribe.


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