A statewide strike has been called by the Trade Union Congress and the Nigeria Labour Congress because the Federal Government has not complied with their requests.

On Tuesday, the labour unions said that the strike would start on October 3.

On Tuesday, shortly after their National Executive Council meetings in Abuja, both Unions declared their positions.

At a joint press conference in Abuja, NLC President Joe Ajaero, who was speaking first, said an indefinite strike had become inevitable due to the government’s lax response to the demands made by both unions.

In light of the government’s stance following the policy of subsidy elimination, according to Ajaero, the executive councils of both unions were left with no choice but to declare an indefinite strike.

Festus Osifo, president of the Trade Union Congress, indicated on his part that they decided that starting on October 3rd, all employees are expected to stop providing their services.


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