Manchester United Football Club appears to have caved into pressure when it comes to Antony’s future.

The Red Devils released a statement on its official website on Sunday, September 10, 2023. According to reports, Antony will delay his return to the club until further notice in order to address the allegations.

“Manchester United is aware of the charges leveled against Antony. Players who have not played in international matches are scheduled to return to training on Monday. However, Antony has decided to postpone his return until further notice in order to address the claims.

We denounce acts of violence and abuse as a club. We recognize the significance of protecting all persons engaged in this circumstance, as well as the impact these claims have on abuse survivors.”

Antony also acknowledged in a statement that the decision to leave the club for a period was mutually agreed upon by both parties.

“I have agreed to take a leave of absence from United while I investigate the allegations made against me.” This was a mutual choice, and I want to emphasize my innocence of the charges against me, and I will completely cooperate with the authorities.”

This decision is a significant setback to the club as they play in the UEFA Champions League and Carabao Cup this season since they will require squad depth to compete in both tournaments.


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