The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) in Mangu Local Government Area, Plateau State, has denied that herdsmen were involved in the recent attacks.

Yahaya Bello, head of MACBAN in Mangu, rejected the claim as “untrue,” citing losses incurred by herders in the town.

He said, “We are not responsible, we are the people of Mangu, we are not militias, many of our people were killed.

“I have to tell you the story of Mangu. Mangu is a large local government that contains about 11 districts, about 9 districts no Fulani man in them. We have been pushed to 1 district, they are saying that we are militias while we are not.”

Bello also rejected claims of MACBAN’s involvement in land-grabbing.

“No, that is not true. The issue of land grabbing, Fulani are just there to rear our cows, we have never done that,” he added.

Responding to questioning about suspected culprits, MACBAN denied that any of its members had been caught with weapons related to the attacks.

“Nothing of that nature, nobody has ever been arrested from our side with ammunition. I have not seen it,” he added.


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