Following the locomotive train‘s arrival for the Jos inner-city rail project, which was initiated by Governor Caleb Mutfwang led administration, controversy has therefore arisen regarding the government’s efforts.

In a bid to aid the high cost of transportation due to the removal of fuel subsidy, It could be recalled that shortly after the inauguration of Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, he moved into partnership with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) for transport services within the rural and urban areas of the state to assist residents with low-cost of transportation.

Clusterchannel gathered that Many citizens are left wondering after sighting an outdated locomotive coal train in Plateau State.

According to Ponjul Nimlok, that “In This 2023 and yet a governor will bring this Martins Luther Train for Plateau People hmmm I wonder and some youths are happily going to snap and tell people that uncle Mut is working May this Man never happen to Plateau State Again”

Bilal Abdul said “The decision to bring in a train model rejected by Borno State decades ago has raised questions about environmental sustainability. What’s the deal Governor Caleb Mutfwang?

Bilal revealed that Concerned citizens are calling for a deeper understanding of the implications. How will this decision impact the environment and the future of our beloved Plateau State.

Haroon Yusuf Abba said “Abeg who did this to us on the Plateau? This is an insult siphoning taxes Payers money to bring this GWANGWARO as train”

Dakul Habeeb Ikk applaud the government efforts, saying “I am pleased and full of delight to inform you all that Train locomotives have started arriving and rail tracks maintenance has commence”

“Residents of Plateau State will soon heave a sigh of relief as the trains will start working in Jos again in a very short time now”

He added that H.E Gov Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, is working assiduously to revamp the railway transport system to ameliorate the sufferings of the people and all the inhabitants of plateau state.


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