China Geo-engineering Corporation, CGC Nigeria Limited has reaffirmed its promise to build four pipeline loops to increase Nigeria’s capacity for water supply by 480,000 cubic metres per day.

This information was provided by the organisation in a statement posted on its website on Saturday.

According to the statement, the project involved 415 km of different-diameter DN1500-200 ductile-iron water distribution tubes.

It stated that the organization’s Water Supply Division of CGC had substantial business advantages in engineering projects, was internationally competitive, and had the ability to build water projects and manage project subcontracting.

Additionally, through matching design consultation, operations management, and market expansion capabilities, Nigeria’s economic and social development will be improved.

In 36 states of Nigeria, over 100 water plants constructed by CGC since 2001 have improved daily living for 70 million people and increased production.

“The Greater Abuja Water Supply Project, flagged off in May 2021, constructed by Water Supply Division of CGC Nigeria Limited, is a significant infrastructure development in Nigeria’s capital.

“This is managed by the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) and jointly financed by the Export-Import Bank of China.

“It aims to construct four pipeline loops, thereby enhancing the city’s water supply capacity by 480,000 m3/d.

“The project encompasses 415 kilometers of ductile iron water distribution pipelines of varying diameters DN1500-200.”

The statement noted that completion of the project would alleviate water scarcity in 50 districts and benefit an estimated 2.5 million residents.

The project was described as more than just a water supply endeavour and as a complete plan to improve the quality of life in the FCT by supplying its residents with safe, dependable, and abundant water.

“The project’s social benefits are manifold improving living standards by laying and commissioning water supply pipelines, the project connects the final ‘mile’ of the water supply system.

“This expansion increases the city’s water supply capacity from 240,000m3/d to 720,000m3/d, effectively addressing the long-standing water shortage in the FCT and enhancing residents’ quality and health of life.

“(It will) create employment opportunities; the project directly employs over a thousand indigenous workers during construction, indirectly creating more job opportunities.


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