The unstoppable Ladies Dragon, Candy Bleakz, is back at it, reshaping the music scene with her unique sound! Famed for her fusion of Yoruba vibes with Afrobeats and Street-pop, Candy Bleakz is on a journey towards widespread dominance.

2023 was a year of musical prowess for Candy Bleakz, marked by the explosive 2-pack release, “Free for All & Not Holy.” Now, she’s kicking off 2024 with a bang—a heart-stirring remix of her hit track “Wale,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Simi.

This remix takes the already introspective song to new heartwarming heights, showcasing the magical synergy between two powerhouse talents. “Wale Remix” isn’t just a song; it’s a personal narrative delving into life’s struggles and the pursuit of greener pastures. Simi’s feature adds an emotional depth that invites you to reflect on your journey toward success and the importance of sharing that success with family.

This track is a testament to Candy Bleakz’s unwavering determination to carve her unique space in the Afrobeats realm.

Get ready for a grand re-entrance into Candy Bleakz’s world with “Wale Remix.” It’s not just a musical journey; it’s an immersive experience capturing the essence of resilience and triumph. Brace yourselves for the soulful synergy of Candy Bleakz and Simi in this heartwarming remix. 
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