Blaqbonez the dynamic, hip-hop sensation, reigning supreme with Chocolate City Music reaffirms his step into the spotlight with the release of the official visuals for one of his hottest singles, off the album – Emeka Must Shine; featuring one of the east’s hottest Emcee – Jeriq.

Known for his daring lyricism and infectious beats, Blaqonez once again demonstrates his unparalleled versatility with Nyem Ego. This scintillating track seamlessly melds his signature bad-boy persona with hip-hop finesse, amplified by the contagious energy brought by Jeriq.

The collaboration between Blaqbonez and Jeriq is nothing short of a masterpiece, showcasing a vibrant synergy that promises to dominate the airwaves. The visuals and styling accompanying the track are sleek and sharp, offering fans an exhilarating musical experience that epitomizes Blaqbonez’s evolution as an artist. What sets “Nyem Ego” apart is Blaqbonez’s ability to effortlessly infuse hip-hop into various genres, solidifying his status as an industry trendsetter. Through this release, he continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of highlife and afrobeats music.

Listeners can expect a sonic journey filled with clever wordplay, infectious hooks, and beats that resonate more powerfully than ever before. The collaboration between Blaqbonez and Jeriq serves as a testament to their collective artistry, ensuring that “Nyem Ego” will remain a staple in the playlists of music enthusiasts worldwide.

“Nyem Ego” featuring Jeriq is still available on all major streaming platforms.


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