Annually, the Ngas people celebrate the Puusdung festival of arts and culture as the culmination of their week-long Ngas week celebration.


Prayers opened the seven-day celebration, which was then followed by various events like a walk, traditional games, a business round table and a canival. Today, however, is the major finale: The Puusdung 2023, which brings the Ngas week to a close.

The 33rd edition of Puusdung was held today at Pankshin Stadium, and it produced an incredible celebration that will have a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Cultural dances and match passes performed by various cultural groups served to honour the occasion. Ngas people are known for their varied dance performances.

Puusdung is the festival that is always referred to as the Mother of all festivals on the Plateau. The ceremony was made beautiful by the gifts given by Ngas sons and daughters, title holders, and well-wishers.

The National President Ngas Development Association, which began as a Pankshin convergence of Ngas sons and daughters from all walks of life some time ago, attracted thousands of people, according to Nde Gonen Gofwen. It has also continued to serve as the ideal illustration of how important it is for their fraternity to preserve and protect their cultural heritage, which they have always valued so highly.

The President did, however, add that Puusdung 2023 has, in our opinion, exceeded the hopes of the Ngas people.

However, he pointed out that the goal of this year’s gathering is to create a long-term strategy for freeing the populace from the chains of poverty.

“Therefore, the choice of the theme: Economic Emancipation – Ngas Pathway, was very deliberate and it’s timing, impeccable with an Appeal Fund Raising of two hundred million naira only to enable them meet up the designed requirements to equip and finish the Nagas Skill Acquisition Centre (NSAC) that the building is now completed with it’s location at the Ngas National Secretariat in Pankshin.”

The National President urged everyone who is a son or daughter of the soil, as well as private citizens, governments, and development partners, to give generously to this admirable cause.


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