Justice Omaka Elekwa, member 1 of the Plateau State National and House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, expressed disapproval for some lawyers’ conduct on Friday and urged them to always be honest with their clients about what happened during the tribunal’s proceedings.

Soon after delivering one of the tribunal’s judgements that removed Moses Sule, Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Justice Elekwa responded to one of the respondent’s attorneys.

Always tell your clients the truth, he advised, and let them know what actually occurred before the tribunal rather than what they have been told by others or have read on social media.

Justice Elekwa scowled at several comments made about the tribunal’s rulings before giving the microphone to Justice B. M. Tukur, the tribunal’s chairman.

“Everything that is spoken about us has been seen by us. I had intended to remain silent, but since my younger brother has spoken on the subject, I will add my voice.

“They paste my ruling from the Kaduna by-election in 2021 beside the ruling from the Plateau Election Tribunal. It was circulated widely on social media only to make fun of me, not realising that the Plateau adopted the 2022 Electoral Act whereas Kaduna used the 2010 Electoral Act.

“Each case has a unique history. All will come to an end, he remarked.

O.A. Adetujeye, Member 2 of the tribunal Justice, who also voiced dismay, claimed that no one was instructing them on how to proceed with any of the items at hand.

“We have heard everything that has been stated, and some individuals will even molestate you outdoors. We are working hard.

All revolves around conscience. Conscience serves as our moral compass. Each case was handled according to the available evidence.

She questioned, “They said we were bought, but will those who bought you today trust you tomorrow?”

She claimed that God was keeping an eye on everything they did and that they would eventually be required to account for their behaviour.


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