Queen Kwashi, team Manager of Plateau United Football Club’s newly formed women’s unit, Plateau United Queens FC, has reiterated that Plateau State would reclaim its place in women’s football both nationally and globally.

“The best thing that has happened to football on the Plateau is the revival brought about to women football by the creation of the Plateau United Queens FC,” Queen Kwashi said after her team, Plateau United Queens FC, engaged Jazzy Stars Under-15 team in a friendly, which they lost 7-2 to the Galaxies, as Jazzy Stars FC is affectionately known. I must first congratulate the Governor of Plateau State, Barrister Caleb Mutfwang, and the General Manager of Plateau United FC, Habila Hosea Mutla, for providing these girls with the opportunity to be gainfully employed and perform what they do best through the Plateau United women’s squad.”

“Previously, women’s football in Plateau State was inactive,” Queen continues. Even at the grassroots level, there is little incentive or sponsorship. But, thanks to the fatherly support we have, women’s football will return to the Plateau via Plateau United Queens FC.”

The Plateau United women’s team’s technical crew, led by Edward Weng and assisted by Tim Zin among others, was still working around the clock to reduce the enormous number of players arriving for screening, which numbered about a hundred, had Queen Kwashi seen it positively.

“I must still commend all the brains behind the coming up of this Plateau United Queens, we are still trying to prune down the large number of girls coming for screening, but the question is: If this platform is not provided, where will all these girls be?” she says.

“As a very young team that has yet to be exposed to competitive football at a league level, people should not expect instant results from us,” she said. We’re still attempting to educate the young females on what the current game entails. We’re still working on it.”

“All of us at Plateau United Queens believe that with hard work, commitment, and consistency, we will undoubtedly get there and write women’s football in gold on the Plateau, both nationally and internationally.”


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