Renowned as one of the crowned figures in the world of Afrobeats, the illustrious superstar, Rema has at last unveiled his much-awaited project, the RAVAGE EP. The EP comprises a total of five awe-inspiring tracks, each bearing a unique resonance of its own. The titles that grace this EP are Trouble Maker, DND, Smooth Criminal, Don’t Leave, and Red Potion. Each of these tracks unfolds a distinctive narrative and musical journey, painting a vivid picture of Rema’s artistry.

The sonic landscape of Rema’s RAVAGE EP has been meticulously crafted and brought to life by a trio of exceptional producers: London, P. Prime, and Blaise Beatz. Their collective ingenuity has culminated in a mesmerizing soundscape that serves as the canvas for Rema’s sultry vocals.

RAVAGE marks the climactic culmination of the Rave & Roses universe, a concept that Rema has masterfully woven into his musical tapestry. While Rema has always been an artist unafraid to indulge in self-gratification, this project showcases a discernible evolution in his artistic trajectory, thanks in no small part to the formidable production contributions from London, P. Prime and Blaise Beatz. As he delves into the thematic elements that adorned Rave & Roses album, there’s an evident shift in his persona, as he embraces the persona of the anti-hero, stepping away from the conventional hero’s role.

In the P. Prime-produced track DND, Rema boldly declares his detachment from societal expectations, asserting, “Ṣe I wan good ṣe I wan bad? Ṣe I wan real ṣe I wan fake? Me I no do again.” This statement encapsulates the essence of the RAVAGE EP, which is marked by a fearless embrace of individuality and a refusal to conform to external judgments and opinions.

Rema, a prominent figure of the Afrobeats movement, continues to draw from a deep well of inspiration, solidifying his position as a dedicated mover of the genre. With RAVAGE, he embarks on an exploration of uncharted depths while fortifying his claim as the “Prince of Afrobeats,” as boldly asserted in the track Smooth Criminal. His words shed light on the core ethos of the project as he explains, “On this project, I connect with my inner flame, my inner rage. It’s like an outburst from inside me that I’ve held in for too long. It’s not fueled with negativity, rather it’s fueled with drive, passion, and destiny. What people will hear on this project is a little exhale from me, only it comes with fire.”

Listen to Ravage EP


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Rema – Trouble Maker


3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Rema – Smooth Criminal

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Rema – Don’t Leave

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Rema – Red Potion



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