The Hennessy Cypher 2023 has taken the Nigerian rap community by storm with its unmatched lyrical showcase.

Featuring Ladipoe, Vector, Blaqbonez, and Zlatan, this year’s Hennessy Cypher has taken the rap scene by storm, amassing over 1.9 million views on youtube since its release. The journey of Hennessy in influencing the Nigerian rap community traces back to 2016 when the first Hennessy Cypher was introduced.

Since then, Hennessy has been on a relentless mission to transform the landscape of the Nigerian rap scene, offering platforms like Hennessy Artistry and Hennessy VS Class that have nurtured and celebrated talent within the hip-hop sphere.

The Hennessy Cypher 2023, clocking in at four minutes of pure rap artistry, is a testament to the evolution of Nigerian rap. Each artist, in their unique style, brings a level of brilliance to the table that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The verses in this Cypher serve as a repository of bars that are not only memorable but also deeply relatable.

Lines such as “They let me through security but don’t realize the bars on my phone make it an explosive device,” and “Know your peace and what it means to you ’cause you don’t want that drama lyrically, physically, spiritually; you go drown trying to swim with the seige” are just a glimpse into the wordplay mastery on display.

There’s even a nod to the traditional Yoruba language with lines like “Ẹ bá mi gbe Panla mi sé̩, kẹ gba Salmon yín, big fish eja nla too big, I’m mighty fún net yin.”

Beyond the sheer talent on display, the Hennessy Cypher 2023 also stands out for its dedication to inclusivity. The inclusion of traditional languages in the verses showcases a commitment to celebrating Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage within the context of hip-hop.

The inclusion of Zlatan in the closing moments of the song has sparked passionate discussions among fans. Many have expressed their approval, citing the energy and charisma he brought to the Cypher’s finale, making it a memorable conclusion.

The Hennessy Cypher 2023 has left fans and rap enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. This yearly tradition has not only entertained audiences but solidified Hennessy’s role in shaping the future of Nigerian hip-hop.

With each new edition, they continue to push the boundaries of creativity, cementing their commitment to the vibrant world of hip hop and urban culture.


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