A resident of Jos, Plateau State, identified only as Michael, has complained about being accused of cybercrime and extortion by officers from the Anglo-Jos Police Division’s Anti-Kidnapping Unit.

The Crypto trader, who declined to reveal his full name for security reasons, said in a series of posts on X on Friday that cops attacked his estate on Thursday evening and hauled up all the men for questioning.

Michael included a screenshot of two debit transactions he made on Friday morning to the post, saying they were required to pay more than N500,000 before they were allowed to go.

Speaking with Sunday Special about his experience, he revealed that the authorities had put five of the seven inhabitants in a cell after accusing them of armed robbery and cybercrimes.

Michael said, “These policemen came to my estate on Thursday evening around 7 pm. They came saying they received reports on kidnapping activities around the area and wanted to question us at the station. That was how they packed all the men in the estate.

“We were taken from around Mazaram, in Rayfield, and taken to Anglo Jos Police Division, Anti-Kidnapping Unit. When we got to the station, the narration changed and we were accused of being involved in cybercrimes.

“They said, ‘You are doing Yahoo (internet fraud),’ but I denied it because I don’t even know how that works. They told us to write a statement saying ‘I’m either a cultist or an armed robber.’ We all refused to write any statement without our lawyers present, so we were forced to sleep in the cell. I slept in a cell for a crime I know nothing about.

“In the morning, they bullied us into giving them N500,000 in general. There were seven occupants and five were detained, so we had to find a way to split the payment amongst ourselves and provide it. We were taken to a Point of Sale and N100,000 was taken from me, the rest was taken from other people in the estate.”

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Alfred Alabo, said Michael should report the case to him with his evidence and it would be investigated.

He said, “I can’t comment on a case that I have not investigated. I thought he (Michael) would have reported the case to me instead of going to social media, we will look into the case, get the officers that are involved, and ensure that there is truth in what he told you.

“There is a DPO and officers that are in Anglo-Jos where it happened, so the case should have been reported to me. Those victimised should come and see me at the police headquarters on Monday.”




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