Odumodublvck, a Native Records/Def Jam rapper, gives us yet another intriguing preview of his upcoming project Eziokwu as its highly anticipated release draws nearer. The most recent sneak look is a brand-new song called Blood on the Dancefloor, which was released shortly after the contentious single MC Oluomo.

The engaging song Blood on the Dancefloor showcases Odumodublvck’s talent as an artist. But this time, he collaborates with two talented musicians: the American rapper Wale and the Nigerian vocalist Bloody Civilian. The synergy created by the blending of these three distinctive voices significantly improves the tune.

Wale, who is renowned for his poetic ability and distinctive manner, adds his own special flavor to the Blood on the Dancefloor song. He stood up to his reputation with his poetry, which was nothing short of magnificent.

Bloody Civilian, an emerging star in the Nigerian music industry, contrasts this by adding some brilliant melodies to the mix. Her contribution to the song is nothing short of outstanding, and her voice meld well with the background music.

None other than UCEE, a longtime associate of Odumodublvck, is in charge of Blood on The Dancefloor’s production behind the scenes. Both reviewers and listeners have continually praised UCEE’s producing abilities, and he has previously been instrumental in shaping the sound of the highly regarded album Dog Eat Dog.

Listen to Blood on The Dancefloor


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