Saturday, March 2, 2024

Gov. Uba Sani inaugurates first liquefied gas station in Kaduna


Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani has inaugurated the first Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas station set up by Greenville LNG in Kakau, Kaduna State on Tuesday.

Sani at the event said the new facility would not only transform the state, but facilitate the employment of the teeming youths roaming the streets thereby boosting the state economy.

The governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to making the state a business hub while commending the management of Greenville for re-energising the state business environment and the provision of job opportunities for residents.

He also noted that the provision of power source through the L-CNG gas hub was of paramount importance for micro, small and medium sized businesses and industries in the state.

He added that the development would also help in addressing state’s pressing need for energy security.

The governor said, “In a time marked by volatile fuel prices and currency fluctuations in the global market, Greenville LNG presents a robust solution in the form of L-CNG.

“This change is not only embraced but enthusiastically welcomed in Kaduna State. It promises to bring not only economic growth but also the  revival of various Kaduna-based industries, including textiles, machinery, steel, aluminium, as well as the automotive and oil and gas sectors.

“Our administration is committed to making Kaduna a business hub. Our energy needs are enormous. The Greenville Initiative will reenergise the business environment and provide employment opportunities for Kaduna residents. Energy is a major driver of business. With energy, small businesses will spring to life again.

“Youths would not only be employed in numbers, they would also have the opportunity to create and innovate. We therefore request Greenville LNG to kindly consider providing more gas hubs in Kaduna.

“The Kaduna State Government eagerly anticipates the positive impact that this groundbreaking initiative will bring to our State and the nation as a whole. We shall give Greenville LNG all the support it requires to make this initiative a resounding success.”


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