In a significant development to bring a lasting solutions to the insecurity faced in Plateau Communities that lead to loss of lives and destruction of properties, The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa has constituted a Fact Finding Committee to look into the security situation which has derailed the growth and development of the state over the past few years.

This fact-finding committee which was constituted on Thursday 25th of January, 2024 was chosen based on their background, experience, and track record, particularly in the field of security. This committee includes Maj. Gen. A.C.C Agundu, Maj. Gen. B.M Shaffa (Rtd.), Maj. Gen. Danmallami (Rtd.), Dr. Mrs. Nana Safiya Zagaba, Brig. Gen. D.G Udofa, Brig. Gen. Y Ali and Leut. Col. M.A Sadiq.

The Executive Governor of Plateau State, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, received the fact-finding committee led by Major General A.C.C. Agundu at the Old Government House Rayfield, Jos Plateau State to brief him about series of research conducted in the crisis affected areas since arrival on Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. A.C.C. Agundu who was the former commander of Operation Safe Haven, also served as a special adviser on security In Plateau State met with various stakeholders in Mangu, Bokkos, and other affected communities in the state revealed certain information to the Governor that inspired the insurgency.

He stated that “Unfortunately, there is this issue of uncoordinated and unregulated mining activities. This unregulated tin mining is a vocation that people from other states who are looking for any type of mania job to do will just visit and also complicit with the locals. They believe that setting tribes are more effective in this venture, and they would invite them and in the process, criminals also invited into the domain and in such areas, there will be trouble and there will be fights.

Major Gen. Agundu also revealed that there is also ethnically motivated killings, vengeance, reprisal, counter reprisal is as old as the entire crisis here on the Plateau. Things must be put in proper perspective for us to grow crystal levels of understanding.

Attacks often cause victims to flee to different areas for safety. Villages are abandoned, and there is a need for encouragement and governance components to help people return to their communities. Unethical individuals may change village names, causing loss of heritage and causing long-term issues. Gen. Agundu Explained.

While examining Plateau own security outfit, Gen. Agundu noted that based on their fact finding as a committee, they observed that there were unprofessional conduct of those who constituted operation rainbow in the state. He added that they were accused of so many atrocities. Therefore they might be looking into proper reorganization and reengineering of the concept.

Major General ACC Agundu emphasized the importance of justice, stating that it takes time for justice to be served and that certain laws need to be amended for moral reasons. He emphasized the need for appropriate laws to address criminal behavior.

He also suggests preaching morality and promoting reconciliation, peace, and security to address suspicions and loss of trust among tribes. They acknowledge that these issues divide the polity and urge for a holistic approach to rebirth, reconciliation, and peace. Maj. Gen Agundu concluded.

In response to Major General Agundu, The Executive Governor of Plateau State, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang commended the efforts of the Fact finding Committee Constituted by Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa in trying to ensure that there is peace and security on the Plateau.

He stated that “We appreciate the assignment which the chief of defense staff has given to you. I’m sure it’s a testament of the confidence that he has in you individually and collectively that you’ll be able to do a good job and contribute your own quota in finding a lasting solution to these challenges that confronted us over the last two decades or more”

Barr. Mutfwang also commended the effort of the General Officer Commanding 3 Armor Division, Gen. A.E Abubakar for his commitment to ensure that he resolve this decades long situation. Despite the challenges, the Governor attest to the fact that the GOC has been doing his best.

“I therefore want to appeal to you that what you have already done and what you will yet to do. That’s to remind you that the outcome of your study would determine the future of many lives. therefore, I don’t know the responsibility that has been bestowed for you, but i’m confident that you will equip yourselves in order”

In further response to the issue raised about Plateau own security outfit (Operation Rainbow), Governor Mutfwang shed more light that his administration inherited the state security from the previous government. Operation Rainbow is made up of people from different services.

Governor Mutfwang said “The only thing we have done in this administration is to get some of the old hands that were operation rainbow who were neglected under the previous administration to send them for training, and the training was done openly in Shere Hills. They were trained by personnel of civil defense and police. right now, they are yet to be deployed”

He revealed that “part of the complaints about the operation rainbow is a deliberate demarketing and blackmail from our own investigation. A Few days ago, Community Protection Guard was brought in Zamfara, and nobody was complaining, Amoetekun was launched and nobody is complaining. Then why Operation Rainbow? Gov. Mutfwang asked.


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