Dr. Noah Kekere, a suspected organ harvester, had his bail revoked by a magistrate’s court in Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB).

The change occurs a day after the suspect was given bail.

Kekere, who had been excommunicated by the state’s Nigerian Medical Association, was charged with operating at his Murna Clinic and Maternity in the Plateau State hamlet of Yanshanu while extracting the kidneys of two former patients.

Tuesday at a JMDB magistrate’s court presided over by Joseph Chollom, the suspect was given bail.

However, the victims, their families, and the neighbourhood where the Murna Clinic and Maternity is located did not approve of the bail, which is why the victims petitioned the state government against the magistrate’s judgement.

The state Ministry of Justice and the police command both said they were unaware of the bail.

Invoking the fact that the bail was granted without prosecution, Mr. Joel Tahvan, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Justice, accused the magistrate of collusion on Wednesday.

However, once Kekere was re-arrested and brought before the court by the police on Thursday, the Chief Magistrate Chollom cancelled the bail.

At the hearing on Thursday, the judge announced that the court had revoked Kekere’s prior release and ordered his remand.


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