Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshik graced the Pusdung Festival of Arts and Culture 2023 with his presence, using this unique occasion to share an important message with his fellow kingsmen and the people of Plateau State. He passionately called for an end to divisive and bitter politics and encouraged the embrace of unity among the citizens.

Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshij also took a moment to express his heartfelt appreciation to his Ngas brothers and sisters for their unwavering love for the rich and God-given Ngas culture. His commitment to preserving this cultural heritage was evident as he brought his own son from his boarding school to the event, ensuring that the younger generation becomes intimately acquainted with their roots and traditions.

In a sincere appeal to the governor, Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshij urged him to lead with inclusivity and fairness, emphasizing the importance of carrying all Plateau citizens along in the government’s decision-making processes without any bias.

Furthermore, Chief Kefas Wungak Ropshij demonstrated his dedication to the development of the Ngas land by generously donating 5 million naira towards its progress. This substantial contribution is in addition to the 2 million naira he had previously donated during the planning and preparation stages of the Pusdung Festival 2023.

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