The Executive Governor of Plateau State, Barrister Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang has called on ethnic groups on the Plateau to learn from the tolerance of the Bogghom people. In his own words, the Governor added that “Boggom people are a unique people in there way, they cohabit peacefully both Christians and Muslims without any form of rancor, this is an example of true African culture.”

The Governor made this known at the first Bogghom Youths Cultural Festival held at the Solomon Lar Amusement Park on Saturday 14th October 2023.

Represented by the Honorable Commissioner for Information and Communication, Musa Ibrahim Ashom, the governor encouraged the Bogghom people to continue the practice of accepting people irrespective of religious difference.

The representative of the governor stressed further that “other tribes and ethnic groups in Plateau should learn and emulate the Boggom people.”

Governor Mutfwang noted that the Plateau State Government will support every tribe and cultural association which promote cultural heritage.

He called on Boggom people to support the present administration of the PDP and Mutfwang led administration to enable it develop Plateau State.


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