Three volumes of The Umbrella Academy – Apocalypse Suite, Dallas, and Hotel Oblivion written by Way and Bá are now back with it’s another season(two for now).
Its third season may be in the offing too, little shaky about that tho.

The Umbrella Academy: Premiere Dates?

The comics that the show is based on are still cursive. We do not yet have any official release date for the second season of The Umbrella Academy. However, we can conjecture some theories of when to expect the show.

Shooting for the second season of Umbrella Academy wrapped in November 2019. So we can expect the second season of the show in mid to late 2020.

The Umbrella Academy: Star Cast..Any update about new characters?

All of the principal characters, which are The Hargreeves kids are must! Vanya (Ellen Page), Luther (Tom Hopper), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Diego (David Castañeda), Mind-bending Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), and Ben (Ethan Hwang), who were seen most and turned out to be the centre of attraction by the end of the season

But Netflix recently announced that new friends will be introduced as new cast members can be seen in the show’s second season: Yusuf Gatewood, Marin Ireland, and Ritu Arya.

Where we left Season-1//:

According to Netflix, Season-One was the hulking-hit and it was watched by 45 million member households.

Last season ended where all the siblings tried to stop their sister, Vanya in her full, badass “White Violin” persona) from bringing about the apocalypse.
They didn’t succeed and an attempt of Allison to stop led into firing a gun off directly next to her ear recklessly sent a wave of energy towards the moon.
Pieces of the moon began to scrunch, destroying the world just as the siblings jumped back in time.

Though the ending differs a bit from the original Comic so we can’t predict the show based on comic’s first volume.

The Umbrella Academy: Plot of Season-2

It deals with the Academy trying to assassinate JFK in order to prevent the holocaust. The first episode of the second season is titled “Right Back Where We Started.”

Will time-travelling assassins Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J Blige) be back?
As the whole story is all about time-traveling which means there’s every chance that they, along with The Handler (Kate Walsh), could return, in defiance of the fact that Walsh’s character was shot by Hazel.

We might see the lifeless Pogo (Adam Godley) ,Detective Patch (Ashley Madekwe) Leonard Peabody/Harold Jenkins (John Magaro) could return in flashback form/ via time travel.

But the story lies around , what about all the other mystery children? There are allegedly 42 of them, and Reginald enlisted seven to begin his Academy. Season 2 could certainly buzz with some of those other kids.

Whether these new additions to the cast turn out to be dominion or not. As there were 42 of them, than don’t be surprised if more of the children Roll-In in season two and beyond.