Mama Africa got some off her chest! In a recent interview with Hot FM, Yemi Alade shared her thought on the rivalry that is often seen amongst musicians and what the competition actually represents.

“We are all trying to be number one, but the truth is, there is no number one”, she stated citing that the reason why everyone appears to be in a competition is because every artiste is trying to stay afloat. She went on to explain that (almost) every A-list African artiste has the ability to replicate the achievement of their contemporaries, therefore no one should be considered superior.

Furthermore, Yemi pointed out that she has the capacity to shut down the same venues that Africa’s revered number one’s (Wizkid and Davido) have shut down. “The same capacity Wizkid holds down in Africa, I hold it down. The same capacity Davido holds down in Africa, I hold it down – the same venues, we all shut it down, so there is no number one. Why don’t we go ask the promoters, the people who know the numbers?”, she cited – conveying an idea that she considers herself underrated.

Although many may consider her claim to be braggadocious, none of it can be labeled untrue as the singer is indeed one of the busiest contemporary African musicians who has toured various cities and shut down a laudable amount of venues across the world.


On July 22, 2017, Davido shut down the 2,000 capacity Play Station Theater in New York during his 30 Billion Tour. In August 2017, Yemi Alade and her Oversabi Band shut down the same venue.

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On August 20, 2016, Wizkid performed during the Tigo Fiesta before an audience of 35,000 people in Kirumba stadium, Mwanza, Tanzania.

On October 26, 2016, Yemi Alade performed before an audience of 50,000 people in Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.


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