We are happy we got this far as an independent Nation. NIGERIA is blessed immeasurably. But with whom Much is given, Much is expected and to whom Much is given, Much will try to be taken from him.

there was a Time we celebrated truly our emancipation from the colonial masters but we now sadly mourn our re-enslavement by our own Leaders.

There was a time Nigerian graduates had a lot working for them including affordable agriculture but just recently, Nigerian graduates depend solely on N-power, NYSC allowance and other menial support funds for survival

There was a time Plateau citizens welcome strangers even in the middle of the night, there was a time we coexisted not has male and female but as people who understood the difference in our ethnicity and religion which built our strength but what we have now is the complete opposite.


NIGERIA is 61 today, it is imperative to declare some people, behaviors, activities and beliefs PERSONA NON GRATA if at all we want to achieve the God given goal.

Our progress is snail-like in nature and we ought to look inward to make deliberate yet positive change that will move Nigeria forward.

As the election draws nearer by each passing day, I urge all Nigerians to not just get their PVCs but also know the difference between Good leaders and slave masters, Nigerians should also ensure that they come out in their numbers to vote and Also protect their votes as their future depends on it.

Ensure that just as Ballot boxes gets to every nook and cranny, your votes are capable of bringing development too to those nooks and crannies

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Happy Independence Day NIGERIA.

God bless NIGERIA
God bless PLATEAU State
God bless Barkin Ladi local government




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