Daniel Hernandez, popularly known as Tekashi69. This Brooklyn based rapper has a number of haters and also the reasons to be hated for. His single debut “Gummo” in 2017 brought him into the light, although it was just sleeper hit. However, he has done some such despicable things that have brought him a lot of haters too. First of all, you might have a little problem with understanding his lyrics expect for the ‘N word’ that he uses plenty of time in his songs. He has often been criticised for his abrasive rapping style. Here are 5 reasons why people hate him.

Why Do People Hate Tekashi 69?

1. His Quarrels with other rappers. If you follow him on Instagram then you must know about his feuds with other rappers. He embraces these prolonged quarrels more than any other rapper today and also considers it to be a part of his image.

2. He records and posts his criminal activities online. His Instagram account has been taken down on multiple occasions and he is even dumb enough to post his criminal activities. In November 2018 he was accused of an armed robbery which he filmed from a nearby van. A stolen backpack from the robbery was found in his apartment three months later.

3. He chocked a 16-year-old boy. Tekashi was arrested on an outstanding warrant in July 2018 that accused him of chocking a teen. The boy who had been a fan was following and filming Tekashi. A video was posted in which Tekashi could be seen chocking the boy and the boy later posted his video showing red horizontal marks on his neck.

4. He disrespects women. No one likes people who disrespect other human beings and not just women. However, Tekashi has a reputation for disrespecting women. Rapper Ace high claimed in a video that Tekash had been harassing his female friends and also has a reputation of disrespecting women.

5. The infamous sex video of 2015. When the rapper Tekahi was 18, he participated in a sex video in a party in Harlem, which he then uploaded online. It included a 13-year-old girl. He was then accused of paedophilia.

I guess these are some valid reasons to hate somebody.