Teenage Bounty Hunters, the new show on Netflix released recently on the 14th of August. Originally, the show was titled ” Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters” However, upon the announcement of the release date, Netflix dropped the word ‘Slutty’ and renamed it to “Teenage Bounty Hunters”.

Created by Kathleen Jordan, the show revolves around the fraternal twins named Sterling and Blair who fall in the job of bounty hunting to pay for the repair of their father’s totaled truck without him knowing. Well, that is the story in a few words. The whole show is much more interesting and funny than that.

What will happen in the next season?[Spoilers]

Before getting into the plot, it would be best to know the possibilities of the next season. Being part of the deal between Netflix and producers, Jenji and Tara the show has a pretty good chance of being renewed. Moreover, the first season received a pretty well response from the audience. So, we just might get to here a renewal announcement soon.

Now, as far as the plot is concerned, we can only rely on theories as nothing has been revealed by the officials. Well, there’s plenty to explore in the next season. As there is no end to crime and writers can always come up with new ideas. Further, we can also see teen drama in high school and the relationships of those 16-year-old catching speeds. After all, the main focus of the show is teenagers doing a dangerous job like bounty hunting. They just cannot leave their normal lives behind.

There’s also a possibility that the show can turn into something like Weeds. Like after being introduced to the world of crime, they can just go deeper into it. Well, these questions can only be answered in the next season or if someone from inside spills something about it.