Reported fire explosion at Jos Polo Roundabout caused by a fuel tanker in Plateau State has led to massive distraction of properties.

The explosion which happened in the early hours of Thursday (today) morning at about 12AM was reported with one person suspected to be the driver of the tanker said to have died as a result of the fire from the explosion.

The petrol tanker fell and exploded into the premises of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Polo Roundabout, Jos, last night, causing massive destruction to the building.

Some shops around Gada Biyu park were also affected by the fire, which lasted for hours with unsuccessful attempts by residents to control the fire.

A lifeless body was later discovered in a gutter in the morning with speculation that it could be the driver of the tanker

However the incident occured at the time when most people have closed for the business of the day as such there was no serious casualty which would have been if it happened during the day.

More details later.

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