“My Hit Single Has Taken Me Through an IncredibleJourney”
The past few months have seen Pro Boi Nation‘s Act Talisman ascend in his musical pursuit and  has succeeded in making himself one of the most relevant J-town acts from winning two Awards consecutively; earlier on this year he was honoured at school by his department with the award of a Music Trailblazer, then he won the best Afro single award with his song Vibrate in the 2017 Jos Entertainment Awards. He speaks with Jtowncluster ng. where he premiered the new ‘ Fi Di Heart ’ single. He talks inspiration behind the new single, upcoming plans and surviving in theJos Industry.


   As the chorus wafts through the speakers, everyone is gripped by some frenzy. They find the Patuah lyrics irresistible. In rapture, they begin to sing along. ‘Fi Di Heart’ is by no means a new song but it is a song that soothes frayed nerves and thrills adventurous minds. It is perhaps, Talisman’s biggest song so far. But the music star has more to say than we can, so let’s hear from him;
JC: Who is Talisman?
Talisman :Talisman is an Afro dancehall artiste and performer from Jos, Nigeria.

JC: What was it like growing up?
Talisman : Growing up was basic and alright. Grew up in Jos. Born and bred. Last of a family of 5, Dad, Mum and two of my siblings.Primary, secondary, university all in Jos.

JC: How did you come about your moniker Talisman?
Talisman : I got the name Talisman from the dictionary while going through, I love learning new words so the dictionary is my bestie lol, so on seeing the word and its meaning, I immediately fell in love with it and decided to use the name.

JC: wow! What does it mean?
Talisman; OK a Talisman is typically an object that someone believes holds magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor from evil or harm.

JC:  Awesome! We hear you are an accounting student at the University of Jos, how are you able to combine both at this time?
Talisman : Combining both of them is difficult because they both require your time and attention but God’s been faithful, am currently in my final year.

JC: You’ve been in the industry for a while with a couple of singles out there, when are you considering putting out a full body of work?
Talisman :uhmm I kicked off professionally in 2015, and so far I’ve dropped just 3 singles aside collaborations so for now it’ll just be more singles, possibly videos and maybe an EP in the nearest future but yea! Watch out for ProBoiz this year, we’re coming with full force mehn!

JC: It has been a long time coming, what has kept you going?
Talisman : The love of music and creativity has kept me moving. Also love from my fans. Talismaniacs, the strongest army you can ever think of, I love them.

JC: Who would you say has been a major influence on your music?
Talisman : Everything I’ve been through and everything I see.

JC: Do you do music for a particular target audience?
Talisman : No I don’t. I just make music from inside and whoever gets it, gets it.

JC: Congrats on your new single “Fi Di Heart”, how did you secure such a massive hit?
Talisman : wow! First off, Thanks for calling it a hit lol, ok before now I had dropped Vibrate earlier in 2017 and since after then there was nothing again from me due to so many challenges I can’t start mentioning, so at a time my fans and everyone around me wanted a new vibe from me so I was like yo! Ill-konnect let’s give them some fire cause it’s not like I wasn’t working all along, so we decided it was Fi Di Heart we were going to put out and boom! Its everywhere mehn, the other day I got some snaps from a friend of some folks vibing to it all the way from China, Cyprus and Portsmouth, the love has been massive mehn, thank God. Shout out to everyone that has made this song a success, I can’t start mentioning names because the list is endless but big shouts to Ill-konnect for producing it and also Real Tricks for mixing, God bless y’all my Gees

JC: How is the relationship between you and the rest of the Pro Boiz?
Talisman : We are family. Always have. Always will.

JC: You seem to be the most active PRO Boi, what about Verze and Ill-Konnect?
Talisman : My Blooders are great!!. They’ve been quite busy with school stuff, Verze is studying Computer Science and currently running his IT while Ill-Konnect is a Medical Student so it’s obvious why they’ve not really been active but they’re coming with a bang this year, watch out for them!!

JC: As far as being a musician is concerned, what do you hope to achieve with your music?
Talisman : I wanna take my music and sound to the very top of the world. Number 1!!!

JC: What should we expect from you now and the entire PBN family.?
Talisman : Expect more Vibes. And the Project DTC (Disturbing The City)

JC: If you weren’t a musician what else would you be doing?
Talisman: I’d be an Accountant all the way!

JC: Jos is like a hub for raving talents in Nigeria so how do you survive?
Talisman :lol its just been God and also I believe the sky is big enough for everyone to fly, yeah and we taking it international by Gods grace, Jos Boiz, Fire Boiz!

JC: Amen! Thanks for your time, it’s been great having you here
Talisman: thanks for having me too, it’s an honour #TIA

JC: yes! I almost forgot that, what’s the hash tag you keep making on social media and also in your songs?
Talisman: lol #TIA is just an acronym that simply means Talisman In Action, more like a slogan or a ginger word you know, yeah!.

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