Mr. Istifanus Daniel Bargo has this to say about BRIG. GEN(rtd) Mohammed Buba Marwa

The question I have been asking myself is this:
What is the secret behind the amazing successes Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa has been achieving at NDLEA today, just barely 1yr, after being appointed as Chairman of NDLEA in January, 2021?
It is on record that he has already secured 111 convictions in just 11 months, with 11,340 arrests made so far.
Wouldn’t you agree with me that this man has taken NDLEA to an unimaginable height in such a short period, for an agency that was established in 1989, with little or unheard achievements, compared to what is visibly seen and celebrated under Gen. Marwa’s leadership today?

Do I need to delve into his giant strides in transforming Lagos as a former Military Adminstrator of Lagos state, a highly talked about feat till today? Your answer is good as mine; because the last time I checked, the popular ‘Keke Marwa’ plying all over Lagos till tomorrow, is one of his numerous achievements.

After the bizarre incidence in Owo, Ondo state yesterday, with the senseless massacre of innocent victims of St. Francis Catholic church, I couldn’t help but wonder what Gen. Marwa can achieve IF appointed as:
National Security Adviser (NSA), Minister of Defence, Head of DIA, NIA, Immigration, Customs or Civil Defence?

While I will keep praying for a miracle to see this man fill up any of these comatose and inefficient positions/agencies, my heart goes out to the families of the innocent victims of St Francis Catholic church, Owo in Ondo state.
May their souls continue to rest in peace 🙏


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