Well, Schitt’s Creek had a final goodbye with us with season 6, and fans are sad that the show came to an end, it was one of the best comedy, drama shows ever.

Please do not read this article is you want to watch Schitt’s Creek season 6 but if you have already binge-watched the show the do let us know what you loved about this season!


Our favorite David and Patrick got married. Yes that happened, and we were so happy and emotional seeing the two pleasant and content with life, they also bought a cute house in Schitt’s Creek, season 6 has been fantastic for all the characters.

Alexis and Ted broke up, but trust us this was the most mature breakup story ever, Alexis is on to find herself in New York, and we are happy for her.

Johnny is expanding the Rosebud motel and finally getting on what he does best that is business, Johnny has had a tough journey, and we love how positive he has been throughout this time.

Moira is going back to what she loves a reboot of Sun Rise Bay are you excited to see her acting once again? Cause we are.

We hope that there is a possibility of a reboot sometime in future cause we would love to see the cast coming together once again, season 6 has separated all of the characters once again everybody is onto doing what they want. Still, we hope they always remember the value of family and family time that they spent together.

We will keep fans updated on the latest news about a reboot if it ever happens! Until then continue reading about your favorite shows and movies.