The controversy of “Labels, movement or group of friends”.

From what I have read in your article, That is your own part of view in which you feel or you know. But come to think of it or give it and give it second thought.
Anyone in jos who start a Label or movement is a lover of good music and great talent which he/she believed in an artist and their self’s to be able to deliver, which is a bold step and I give credit to all who started, and where able to achieve is not easy to start up a label and all who where mentioned did their best, contributed and invested a lot in the Jos entertainment industry, I know a lot who have put in work and are still putting in work. Remember Jos is a small city where we don’t have investors who are willing to invest in the entertainment industry, we just have youths who have the passion and willing to make sacrifices from the little they make to start up small which they believe it will turn out big soon and you need to give them their accolades for the bold step they took.

Secondly most of the artist that started in jos left at a point in time for greener pasture “Lagos” where to blow up and are not willing to come back home or even help the upcoming, gradually we all getting there.. And as for Real Dreamz Entertainment we are still on board making moves and coming back like wild fire..


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